Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Recovering Dead/Bricked phone.

Definition: Phone doesn't start or goes into continuous  loop while booting.

1.Dont Panic!
2.Flash  ftf file using Flash Tool. - Downloads.
[ Detailed post on how to flash ftf files. - View Post.] 
3.Root phone using SuperOneClick.
4.Install Xrecovery. - View Post.
5.Restore your original backup image. (Or use this - W8 ROM [  Downloads ].)
6.Done. :)

Note: Use it only when necessary!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Installing new Roms.

    ROMs are provided in various forms:
    • Zip packages containing complete live filesystem.
    • Collection of .img files.
    • Flash tool .FTF files.
    Note:  Before installing new ROMS: 
                      Make Backup!! - View Post.  
                      Upgrade your baseband. - View Post.

      Installing Zip packages:
      1. Copy the zip file to your memory card.
      2. Boot into xrecovery.
      3. Select "install custom zip". 
      4. Browse to your zip file and select it.
      5. Then let Xrecovery do its work. ;-)
      6. Done!
      Note: Make sure that the zip files are made for Xrecovery. (zip files for cwm are different)

      Installing .img files:
      1. Copy the folder containing "System.img","Data.img" "cache.img"  "nandroid.md5" to '/xrecovery/backup' folder in sdcard. [Dont rename the folder!]
      2. In Xrecovery menu...goto "Backup and Restore".
      3. Select restore. Then select the folder to restore.
      4. Done. :) 
      Installing .FTF files - View Post.

        Using Flash tool to install .ftf files.

        1. Install Flashtool.
        2. Copy the *.ftf files that you `ve downloaded  to 'firmwares' folder from Flashtool.
        3. Click "Flash" button from flashtool and select the *.ftf file firmware and click "OK"
        4. Relax and wait a while. When the proccess is completed you will get a popup message. (don`t click on that!!!)
        5. Unplug your USB cable from PC.
        Power off your phone.
        Press back button and keep your finger on button.
        Plug USB cable to PC.
        Check if the green LED appears.
        On popup message press "OK" button.
        When "Found at USB/........" appear on flash tool you may release "back button", sit down, relax and wait.

        6. IF the "Start Flashing" message appear everything`s ok if not...repeat. Sitdown and relax.

        7. When last message appear unplug/plug USB cable.
        8.Restart Phone.

        -original guide by Ricardo Rendeiro.