Sunday, 10 July 2011

Installing and using Xrecovery.

Xrecovery is a tool that can be used to install new Roms, backup/restore your existing ROM,apply patches,batch install applications & many more things.
Its very easy to install and use.

Root Explorer.

1.Root your phone.
2.Install Root Explorer.
4.Copy xrecovery folder to SD card.
3.Copy 3files from "/sdcard/xrecovery" folder to "/System/bin"
5.Keep taping the 'back' (the rightmost one) button when 'Sony Ericsson' is displayed.
6.You will enter xrecovery menu.

Using Xrecovery:
1.To move around in xRecovery you use the volume buttons, to select an item you press the Home button (the middle one), and to go back you press the Back button.
2.Use common sense!

First thing to do - Make Backup!! - View Post


  1. It works it properly..

  2. Successfully installed xrecovery, can anyone advise which is best suitable custom rom for W8.

  3. have a super user an gran acces but a mesage said "you cannot paste here because the file system is red-only" can u help me please??

  4. I tried 10 times but after pressing the back button it never moved to the x recovery menu. Please help me out!!

  5. i have the same problem is I tried 10 times but after pressing the back button it never moved to the x recovery menu. Please help me out!! help please!!!

  6. to zarhe@d do you use root explorer...if that came the button at the upper right that show mount r/o or r/w or might help...

  7. wanwan6813 did u success root to 2.3.7 gingerbread?

  8. just buy it yesterday then now i wan upgrade it to 2.3.7

  9. I've already tried many times pressing the back button but it doesnt work..
    1)i root my phone first using superoneclick
    2)install root explorer
    3)install xrecovery and copy the three files to system/bin
    4)restart my phone and press the back button
    I tried so many times..Know what its doesnt work..please guy help me!!

  10. @jon j: Follow the instruction cleanly t ll works fine ...

  11. I am trying to download the Xrecovery from the above link but it was showing "The connection has timed out error". Can some one Provide me the Alternative Xrecovery download link or else send me the Xrecovery my mail id is ""
    Advance Thanks for your help.

  12. hey,i have just done according to you but it says that u cannot paste here due to some permission problem. help me to remove this problem

  13. hi can u please provide me link for stock rom as i updated my w8 without backup of my original android 2.1
    now i want to restore the original

  14. If u guys are not able to paste in the desired folder using root explorer....its probably only because of permissions that are applied to that particular folder. You can see a small button in your root explorer as "Remount as R/W" you need to click that nd change ur mode to R/W to be able to modify and edit files.

  15. hey my phone stucks on ginger dx logo wht shud I do nw?

  16. @unknown just remove ur sd card than start it

  17. Hey my phone stucks in "Sony Ericsson" while rebooting.. I've installed GingerDX after following your steps... Someone help me

  18. apparently all this doesnt work for the Ei16. Pressing back button doesnt boot into recovery. W8 really sucks! There is no update beyond 2.1 for it, yet, SE is pushing it with a fake ad saying that there will be a free update for it. That too it costs a lot. SE is fraud!

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  20. After installing the custom rom,it takes forever to boot.I am getting only white SE logo.Any suggestions?

  21. di pencetan sabara kali? nepi ka pepencetna coplok?