Monday, 15 August 2011

Installing new Roms.

    ROMs are provided in various forms:
    • Zip packages containing complete live filesystem.
    • Collection of .img files.
    • Flash tool .FTF files.
    Note:  Before installing new ROMS: 
                      Make Backup!! - View Post.  
                      Upgrade your baseband. - View Post.

      Installing Zip packages:
      1. Copy the zip file to your memory card.
      2. Boot into xrecovery.
      3. Select "install custom zip". 
      4. Browse to your zip file and select it.
      5. Then let Xrecovery do its work. ;-)
      6. Done!
      Note: Make sure that the zip files are made for Xrecovery. (zip files for cwm are different)

      Installing .img files:
      1. Copy the folder containing "System.img","Data.img" "cache.img"  "nandroid.md5" to '/xrecovery/backup' folder in sdcard. [Dont rename the folder!]
      2. In Xrecovery menu...goto "Backup and Restore".
      3. Select restore. Then select the folder to restore.
      4. Done. :) 
      Installing .FTF files - View Post.


        1. bro this msg is displayed when i try to install rom using xrecovery:

          -- install from sd card--
          finding update package
          installing update package
          welcome to floyocm 1.2.0!
          essert failed:getprop("ro.product.device")=="hero" ||getprop("")=="hero" || getprop("ro.product.board")=="hero"
          E:Error in /sdcard/
          (status 7)
          installation aborted.

        2. select the "install custom zip" option and not "instal from sd card" :o
          then follow remaining procedure...
          if it fails....try another rom .
          i have tested floyo 1.0 successfully...:)

        3. bro, i've tried all three roms but m gettin same error from them too...

        4. sorry.....for floyo use the .img method...
          i.e extract that zip file to "/xrecovery/backup" on sdcard.
          then use the "backup/restore" option from xrecovery..:o
          (for froyobread use the zip method.)

        5. i've copied the froyobread rom to sd, rebooted into xrecovery and selected to install custom zip,luckily i didn't get this the erreor:

          install from sd card--
          finding update package
          installing update package
          welcome to floyocm 1.2.0!
          essert failed:getprop("ro.product.device")=="hero" ||getprop("")=="hero" || getprop("ro.product.board")=="hero"
          E:Error in /sdcard/
          (status 7)
          installation aborted

          xrecovery installed the rom sucessfully, i rebooted my device and it get stuck on Orange Android which has 'Froyo Bread' as floating text, it hanged at that screen,i rebooed the device but it hanged again.i stayed for couple of min on that screen, thinking that the delay can be due to first run,but nothing happened even after 15 min.

          So i reverted it back to my previous state whose backup i'd made on sd....

          help me installing the good non buggy rom.....

        6. Also i dont't want to try the method of extracting that zip file to "/xrecovery/backup" on sdcard & using the "backup/restore" option from xrecovery.... coz if that failed too i'll not able to revert back in working os on my cell.


        7. try installing floyo....using backup/restore wont harm ur phone...
          dnt delete d backup u have made already...jus copy d floyo folder from zip file to "backup" folder....n then install it....u can revert back to ur original firmware ny tym u want...:)
          u can have as many folders inside that backup folder...1 fr each rom...(bt dnt rename the folders)
          [n do have a copy of ur original ram on ur PC.]

          n bout froyobread -
          i actually bricked my phone wen i 1st tried it.....n unluckily i dnt had xrecovery installed at dat tym!!
          (den used flashtool 2 recover.)
          [so make sure u have xrecovery every tym u install a new rom ]
          solution -
          after you install froyobread...wipe all the caches...:o
          phone lags a bit wen using froyobread.
          bst of luck...:)

        8. Thnx bro.... i wanted to know 1 more thing, how can i use flash tool to recover, since i have no file associated to it, how will i be able to recover?

          Please give me link of such file that i can use with flash tool to recover my w8 to its stock or factory state(f something terrible happens). Thnx in adv.... :)

        9. installed floyo 1.0 rom successfully.
          Thnx bro....

          but i am having one major problem, LCD Density Changer doesn't work on this rom... i wanna change screen resolution. LCD Density worked well on my rooted W8 with factory OS.

          Also root explorer doesnt't run, it is closed automatially.

        10. try another version of root explorer.(many other similar apps are also available.)

        11. Thanx bro....
          it worked but now only 1 more prob i.e. LCD Density changer isn't working.... this is last one, i know i've made u mad by questioning again n again but i was not able to find such support anywhere else.

          Do help me in LCD Density case....

        12. i havnt used dat app yet...ll try n let u kno..

        13. my lcd density value was 120...

          k bro waitin 4 u to test the app & your reply...:)

        14. @ang jebat - check downloads section..

        15. Thanx mate now flawlessly running floyo-1.0 in my W8 thru restore process, gr8 stuff??

        16. hey guys or u can upgrade to ginger DX v18 by doixanh@xda... in this version u can use real duel touch for se w8.. m using it... and doing lots of fun.. :D :D

        17. succcessfully installed cyanogenMod7 in my w8!!!
          just followed the steps above.....
          thanks for this blog and
          thank you pranky

        18. Froyo Breads are not working for my phone W8.... Installation finished, but it is not getting into the home screen... It strucks in middle after reboot...

        19. wht is the best custom rom for w8 ?? because ive installed dx v10 and the android market is not working properly...

        20. best stable fast an good for gameng froyo pro 2.4 or 2.5... no reboot works smooth on stock kernal.. overclock work smooth on 746mhz

        21. I find many custom 2.3 ROM in the internet. But I almost have one same question: Does it has Walkman player?

        22. friends, i need to unlock bootloader or not?

        23. Links Updated! - Visit Downloads [ ].